What am I?I am different from what I was five years ago. When I was 12, I was the God in all my friends’ 關鍵字排名eyes, because I always got good grades on all kinds of exam and quiz. Everyone would ask me a lot of 節能燈具questions on Chinese, Math and English. I like the feeling very much. I thought it was my best 澎湖民宿accomplishment at that time. However, I could not be called ‘God’ now. Since I am not wise anymore like 設計裝潢before. I have many problems on my study. I have no idea what to do. Why do I study those subjects? Do I 租房子feel happy when I do my best on those? Or do I only get tired while I finish them? About those questions, ARMANII never have the right answers. and I do not know where should I go? Five years ago, I studied, studied, 房地產and studied. I didn’t think about anything. But, I think a lot now. On the contrary, I have not done 褐藻醣膠well on my exams for a long time. Should I study hard like five years ago instead of insisting on my 婚禮顧問strange ideas?

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